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Sustainable Agricultural Solutions assist growers by providing science based, field tested, sustainable solutions to reduce the amount of fertilizers and pesticides used by all conventional, sustainable and organic growers. Sustainable Agricultural Solutions manufactures several broad spectrum (OMRI Listed/CDFA Organic Registered/Licensed) liquid additives for soil and foliar applications. Each has a unique organic formulation with proven and measurable performance when mixed with reduced levels of conventional and organic nutrients and pesticides. Growers will reduce pesticide levels in the environment, see increased healthier yields, and substantial savings. Sustainable Agricultural Solutions products are Truly Sustainable - Environmentally, Economically, and Socially.

SAS has expanded to include two warehouse locations to better serve our growers and customers.

Sustainable Agricultural Solutions LLC

6619 Joy Road

East Syracuse, NY 13057

Sustainable Agricultural Solutions LLC

5340 E Manning Ave
Fowler, CA  93625

True Farmer's Partner
Consumer's Ally
Nature 's Friend
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