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A - WOOD NECTAR is proven to be effective when blended with:

1 - ORGANIC HERBICIDES such as suppress and homeplate.

2 - SELECTIVE CONVENTIONAL POST-EMERGENT HERBICIDES such as  fusilade,  poast, select, metribuzin, pendimethalin, rimsulfuron, s-metolachlor. In addition to its burn down efficacy, WOOD NECTAR provides savings on herbicides and will boost plant metabolism.

B - WOOD NECTAR is effective in aiding fungicides in the control of diseases such as: downy mildew, early blight fire blight, gray mold, late blight, leaf spot,  powdery mildew, ruse and athracnose.

A - WOOD POWER is effective when blended with :

1 - CONVENTIONAL POST-EMERGENT HERBICIDES suchs as glyphosate,  2,4-d, oxyfluorfen,paraquat, imidacloprid, glufosinate, saflufenacil, fluroxypy, fludioxinil, clopyralid, dicamba.

2 - WOOD POWER is effective when blended with conventional herbicides for crop defoliation.

A - TIERRA GOLD is effective for soil application mixed with nitrogen liquid fertilizers, allowing for a substantial rate reduction.

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